Types of Student Contributions

(>= Tikiwiki 1.10. Official documentation & screenshots at: http://doc.tikiwiki.org/Contribution)

Following the same track already started by User Category logs, we would like to have some extra functionality added to keep track of the types of contributions that students make at their activity in Wikis, forums, so far (for the future, if used: blogs, trackers, etc. to be added).

We guess it could possible making this system copying it upon categories system right now on Tiki, but keeping it in paral·lel to categories.

Initial list of "types of contributions":
  1. "Questions and new way to move forward"
  2. "Synthetizing"
  3. "New hypothesis", upon existing information
  4. "New information"
  5. "Help to class mates"
  6. Others (to be defined by each lecturer on a class or activity basis).

Needed improvements
  • Each time a student makes a contribution to any object in Tiki (in Wiki pages/comments and Forums, so far), he/she should be able to select what type of contribution he/she is going to make. This option should be included as a multiple select box (such as Tiki categories, right now). Or the lecturer could do this job after the students has contributed to the forum or wiki.

  • Actions/places to have the chance to select "type of contribution".
    • Forums
      • New Thread
      • New Post (reply)
    • Wiki Pages
      • New edit
      • New comment
      • New reply to wiki comment

    If it was not too much extra-coding, blogs feature should be included in this list also.
    • Blogs
      • New Post
      • New Comment

  • There has to be an admin menu de define types of contributions, in a similar manner to what it's possible to do right now with categories

Who is working here


Implementation prototype / planning

As the dev in done in 1.10, it will use the new table tiki_objects batawata created for the free tags.
An additional table tiki_contributions table:
- contribution_id (to tiki_contribution_objects)
- name

An additional table tiki_contribution_objects :
- contribution_id
- object_id (to tiki_objects)

We need to expand the table tiki_history to have 2 additionnal columns
- history_id
- type (wiki page or comment)

2 new features
- contribution
- comment history (for the first step no different feature per object type)

New files:
- contribution.php that collects or set the contribution of an object
- contribution.tpl for editing the object contributions and for displaying as a list the object contributions
- tiki-admin-include-contribution.php and its tpl that enable an admin to edit a contribution (no browsing is planned at the first level)

- tiki-history.php will show the type of contribution as a list of contribution name in the view a version or at the top at each compare screen
- tiki-history.php will be possible for each comment. Each comment will be displayed with a buttom that links to tiki-history.php
- the history configuration for a comment will be the same than the wiki history conf for the first step

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