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The purpose of this development is to be able to follow and synthesize the activities for a user during a period of time , and the activities around a category during a period of time. In the education context, category can be used to represent a work.

The activities are:
- user login time (the estimation of the logout time is the last url request
- an object viewed or download / edited / posted or created or uploaded

An object is:
- a wiki page
- a wiki comment
- a forum post or a forum topic
- a file (from file gallery, wiki attachment, forum attachment)(without consideration of the provenance)
- an image (from image gallery, wiki image)(without consideration of the provenance)
- a message
This is a limited list for now.

What exists in Tikiwiki 1.9.0

Tikiwiki 1.9.0 is collecting some logs that are more on an admin point of view. See Admin-> Tiki Logs. Login, logout, registration, perms changed, group/user assignment, modules assignment, tracker fields change, cache cleaning....
PS: The automatic logout is not memorized.

What needs to be done:

- collect an estimating logout time (the last access to an url is already memorized in tiki in the tiki-sessions table. Needs only to be added to the logs table before the table is cleaned)
- collect all these informations
- have an interface to display/sort them. The interface will be to choose between 2 dates or last x weeks, or last x months, a group of users (from the list of users) and a group of categories (from the list of categories) (each list selection acts like a OR and the 2 lists as a AND). The list of activities will be displayed as the
- have an CSV export to be able to use the data in tikiSheet or other programs.
A statical report will be done later.


Done in Tiki 2.0:

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