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Tiki for Education


EDU is the short for 'education' and tiki is an abbreviation of Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware. Since October 2002, Tiki has been used in several educational contexts, and this website is dedicated to facilitating that use and gathering useful components to make that use easier. Please visit the forums to discuss or ask about anything related to the educational use of Tiki Wiki CMS/Groupware, suggest improvements, ... and update the ToDo page smile )

Use of Tiki for Education

There are many features that can be used in educational scenarios. Some are:
  1. Tiki logs the activity by user and by work, and has a simple interface for report generation, which can be exported: See Action log.
  2. Rating allows faculty or peers to rate the quality of documents, posts in a discussion forum or comments, etc.
  3. "Type of contribution" requested of users at post time, to enhance reflective and significative learning... See Contribution
  4. The Quizzes feature allows you to build sets of questions for contests, e-learning, or just plain fun. Quizzes have several available controls:
    • Points per question
    • Points per answer
    • Passing Grade
    • Time Limits
    • Repeat the Quiz
    • Results Storage and Analysis
  5. Plugin MiniQuiz allows to create a quiz using a Tracker. This is similar to but different from the Quiz feature.
  6. Plugin Exercise allows to create exercises within a wiki page for students to test their new skills, defining inline questions and giving optional answers to be selected from. A score is given for multiple exercises within a page. The plugin can be used to create questions with suggested answers or with a text input.
  7. Since Tiki10 : Workspaces UI was introduced as a core Tiki feature, to help administrators create workspaces from workspace templates predefined by them, with a few included resources, groups and permissions pre-assigned to them.
  8. Scorm is a format used to package learning material in Learning Management Systems.
    • Tiki provides special handling for those files when stored in File Gallery. The file will be read and a Tracker Item will be created, which allows for automatic indexing of the file's meta-data.
    • There is PluginPlayScorm, which plays a SCORM learning object in an iframe. Requires Moodle to be installed.
  9. PluginH5P allows to add and easily edit many HTML5 media content types in Tiki-powered websites, thanks to the integration in Tiki17 with content and tools from https://h5p.org.
  10. Tiki can be integrated with an instance of BigBlueButton web conference and elearning system. See BigBlueButton. Key features of the Tiki and BigBlueButton integration comprise:
    • 1-click log-in into BigBlueButton using Tiki user system
    • Various permissions for the BigBlueButton session via Tiki's permission and group system
    • Listing BigBlueButton recordings in Tiki.
  11. When the course is reaching the end, surveys are usually done on students to find out their satisfaction degree, and to get hints of ways to improve the teaching and learning experience. Basic surveys in Tiki can be organitzed through the Surveys feature, and advanced surveys can be managed with the Trackers feature.

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