TikiDav allow access to the TikiWiki resources ( wiki pages, blogs, Articles...) through the WebDav protocol. A lot of author tools like OpenOffice and M$Office, implements that protocol to access remote document repositories.

A flash video and more info of using TikiDav at eScire.com

TikiDav features

  • Tiki Categories as repository folder structure
  • Wiki pages,Blogs, and Articles as files in the repository
  • Locking of Tiki resources (different from wiki pages locks)
  • User access control to the webdav operations and information (Categories and wikipages)
  • Properties for Tiki resources
  • Read-only access to user calendar (csv format)
  • Wiki-to-DocBook and DocBook-to-Wiki conversion
  • Wiki-to-OpenOffice and OpenOffice-to-Wiki (WYSIWYG) conversion

Access to TikiDav at edu.tiki

You can test TikiDav at this site, using a webdav client.
URL to access:

a TikiDavTestPage can be found at /development category.

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