The first version of AulaWiki was developed by http://www.sociable.es for Colegio Maria Virgen, a spanish secondary school.

AulaWiki (for Tiki 1.9+ ) has been completely rewritten (since the previous old version for textTiki 1.8.x) and now it offers a more general set of tools that can be used not only for school (Project management, groupware...). Get the last version known to work on Tiki 1.9.x:

Since AulaWiki version 1.6.2, you can also install it on Tiki 2.x. It is a work in progress.
If you can't get the 1.6.2 from mods.tw.o directly, try to install it from the mods repository in this edu.tw.o server, or by manually installing through this version: http://edu.tikiwiki.org/mods/Dist/features-aulawiki-1.6.2.tgz.

The most important concept implemented on AulaWiki, is Workspaces. It allows groups administration of Tiki resources (users, groups, wiki pages, blogs....).

A workspace can be every thing that you define: a course, a student group, a project....

Workspaces will be in the main core of TikiWiki in the next major release, so if you want to help us, go to Workspaces ideas


About Versions

The number versions of AulaWiki could be confused easily (and it is easy to install an improper version of AulaWiki that won't work in TikiWiki properly). So for this reason the developers we have decided that we will change the numeration of Aulawiki. Or at least make it more clear.

The new format that we will using to enumerate the versions of AulaWiki will be like this: X.Y.Z.J. Examples are, or

So for better explanation I take the example

  • The first two numbers (2.2) will indicate the top version known in which AulaWiki works properly in TikiWiki without any problem. This means that will work on all versions of TikiWiki before 2.2 and including 2.2.
  • The next two numbers (4.47) will indicate, the first one if it is a stable or unstable release (odd number = stable, even number = unstable), in this case a stable release. And the second one, the revision number which tells you the minor bugs that has been solved.

The start of the new versioning system will be the release of AulaWiki (that I hope this will be soon when we fix some things). As we start with this new versioning system, the old one will be deprecated, so it is important to take a look the development of AulaWiki.

If you want to take a look the new features that will include AulaWiki in the next releases, you can grab the last code from the SVN server. An we encourage you to help in the development of AulaWiki (writing new documentation or testing the unstable releases) any kind of help is very helpful.

Demo site

here on edu.tw.o


How to install AulaWiki?

NOTE: Get the last version known to work on Tiki 1.9.x:
or install the 1.6.2 version (not just the 1.6) on Tiki 2.x (be warned that some css work is still needed to improve it's display, but this version installs and seems to work again).

To see the installation video — Click Here

First you should click on Admin mods, as shown in Figure 1:


Figure 1

The mods page will open and you will need to change the server to get the latest package, because the original one offered is not current. So click on Mods configuration, see Figure 2:


Figure 2

When the configuration page opens, you'll have the chance to define the mods provider you want to use. By default, you can use http://mods.tikiwiki.org as in the picture:


Figure 3

NOTE (November 2009):
AulaWiki 1.7.2 is adapted to work on Tiki3.x dev:LTS (Long Term Support) branch.

There we could switch to use other mod providers. In this case, change the settings and click on the Save button. then click on the Mods Install/uninstall link to bring you back to the mods page (see Figure 3). Usually you don't need to change the mods provider, since mods.tikiwiki.org tend to be the most updated and complete one to use.

Now you will need to download and install the package. You may need to go to the root of your install and run the fixperms.sh script to allow you to install this. To ensure that you have the latest version, click on Update remote index (Figure 4). Lets say that the latest version is 0.5 (change for newer version were needed in the following instructions and figures). Click on the link 0.5 as circled in red on the left. The last step is to install the package by clicking on the link install that is circled in red on the right (see Figure 4).


Figure 4

If you already have an earlier version of the Mod installed on your site (for instance, 0.5 and the latest version is 0.6), then you'll have the option to upgrade your Mod (you'll see the option 0.5 > 0.6). Click on the >0.6 link next to the install field to upgrade your AulaWiki Mod.

There are a few ways to get the menu to refresh to bring up the Aulawiki options. But your best bet is to log out and then log back in.

Quick start

  1. Use "Admin>Admin mods" to get the code, from: http://mods.tikiwiki.org
  2. Once installed, assign module "workspaces_assistant" to your group, and follow instructions there. So far, they include:
    Welcome to AulaWiki!
First configuration steps:
  1. Assign workspaces_my to the users that you want to use AulaWiki workspaces.
  2. Change theme to workspaces.css.
  3. Define the workspace roles and permission levels.
  4. Define the workspace types , use MenuID 100 or define your own menu. Assign Workspace type resources default resources and Assigned modules desktop modules.
  5. Create a workspace of the previosly defined type.
  6. View workspace desktopView the workspace desktop.
  7. My Workspaces module show the active workspace and menu.

  • You'll notice (clear tiki caches if needed) a new entry in main menu, below admin, with AulaWiki main options.
    • Admin Roles
    • Workspace Types
    • Admin Workspaces

Full documentation of AulaWiki usage

See it at this structure of pages (Wiki book):

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