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modified tikiwiki to create a school intranet.

The intranet allows the school to communicate with staff, governors, students, parents and alumi and them to contact each other via either email, messaging or the forum.
It allows teachers to put lessons, homework, internet links etc on in accessable places.
It allows the school timetable to be computerised and dynamic, and allows all relevant users access to see where and when they should be.
It allows communication for distance learning (in a similar way that dokeos does)
It allows the staff and students to have moderated & virus free email accounts.

I did see a comment on the homepage about LTSP. Trinity School uses entirely K12LTSP machines (except for one CCTV server where I couldnt get the CCTV card talking to fedora, so had to use windoze)

Changes to code:

  • Rewritten webmail module to allow pupils to have school email accounts
  • Modified the menu to make it more user-friendly with tabs (these cannot be seen unless you login)
There have been many more smaller changes to make it just that bit easier!

Further modfications

I would like to further customise the quiz and survey parts of tiki, as at the moment the permissoins are all over the place.

If you have any questions, just send me an email: trinity at handyandy.org.uk

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