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Re: aulawiki-workspaces with category permissions

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> I finally succeeded in converting all aulawiki-workspaces (versionm for tw 4.x) in using category permissions instead of objectpermissions.
> It should do so only if categories are featured.
> It will, as before, apply all the permissions defined in the RolePerms template groups, to the various groups that have a role for a that workspace's type (eg Teacher, Student)
> So the base is always defining proper perms for the templates groups RolePerms-Teacher, RolePerms-Student RolePerms-Member@DOCGROUP etc
> Without this, no categ nor object perms will be applied, thus falling back to global perms: no workspace roles.
> Now tiki-workspaces_objectpermissions.php offers the opportunity to copy the default perm from the templates into individul objectperms for every object, thus allowing to override category perms (that apply to eg ALL wiki pages in workspace) with particular, different objectperms for an individual object (eg a single wiki page with different perms than the others)
> I think this is my last step in reapproaching the official development for workspaces, and I will commnicate to the developers' list that I intend to pass over the whole stuff to anyone interested in taking it forward.
> The new aulawiki-4x is available for install as a mod by pointing to
> http://workspaces.altervista.org/mods
> as mod provider
> I am afraid I didn't incorporate any further commit made to svn, eg the css change xavi did.

Hi pingus:

Congratulations for the work you have done!

I hope somebody take the lead and merge your work into trunk, as the easy GUI to manage workspaces (it's still missing in current 5.0 code, adn to me, no clear roadmap is drawn to incorporate such feature in tiki 6 either).

One minor thing I've just discevered, while trying your version of the mod:


(As an example) doesn't save the changes in the ws code name.
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