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> I am also trying to advocate for fixing an inconsistency (for me) in how deferred inheritance of perms from 'Registered'...
> That is very annoying, it was not so before.
> ...
> I had to empty temporarily all perms of 'Registered' when defining the RolePerms-xxx templates at edu.two, to get things right.

You cannot ask anyone to do that.

I would add that, without fixing this in 3.3, it becomes very hard, if not impossible, to create Roles properly.
That would be blocking for workspaces. The only solution would be to install the roles via profiles, which do not have these restrains.

But this creates also problems for normal use, because this way, when you take away eg tiki_p_forum_post from Registered, you take it away also from Editors. There is no way that Editors can have tiki_p_forum_post indipendently from Registered or Anonymous.

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