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[edu.t.o] Development

e-portfolio development

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we can use this topic to build a starting list of requirements of the e-portfolio functionality, the final list of requirements can be at ePortfolio page.

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Hear are some links related to ePortfolio:

http://www.osportfolio.org/: The Open Source Portfolio Initiative (OSPI) is a community of individuals and organizations collaborating on the development of the leading non-proprietary, open source electronic portfolio software available.

http://www.imsglobal.org/ep/: The IMS ePortfolio specification was created to make ePortfolios interoperable across different systems and institutions.

I think that interoperability is a basic requirements of a ePortfolio systems.

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Hi Javier
(welcome back here! wink )

I fully agree that interoperatibility IS A MUST.

Btw, I collected some links already during the last months, (besides the OSPI):

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