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AulaWiki Mod 1.6.2 tested on Tiki 2.2 and working! :-)

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Hi all:

After many hours between yesterday and today, merging fixes by axold, pingus and some from myself, I can say that AulaWiki 1.6.2+ is back working on Tiki stable (2.2 right now, but also on 3.0 as of today smile ).

Untill mods.tw.o becomes updated with 1.6.2 (and not just 1.6), you can install it directly from the mods repository from this server.

Thus, set in your tiki,

Mods remote server: http://edu.tikiwiki.org/mods

And install it from here.

Known issues are (so far) just theme related issues: adapting the .css and .tpl top be fully displaying AulaWiki resources in the right place, etc.

Feedback welcome.
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Testing it now with 3.x revision 16936.
I have installed it manually.
I have to disable the css in Firefox to be able to work with aulawiki. For example, if I want to click on a textbox or whatever in aulawiki, it doesn't work until I disable the css in the browser.
Why? Any ideas?
It was working (more or less) with a previous revision of tiki 3.x

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