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AulaWiki 1.5 on mods.tw.o

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Hi all:

There hasn't been much movements on the forums, but I'd like to inform that the development of AulaWiki and its Workspaces have been moving forward in the last year, and you can currently find the latest code (v 1.5) in mods.tikiwiki.org Mod repository:


Image aulawiki 2007.03.04 1.5 GNU/LGPL ))AulaWiki(( offers team collaboration environments (workspaces), allowing you to manage sets of Tiki resources in an easy way.

And, as always, documentation in English, Spanish and Catalan (so far) can be found through workspace 2 here in edu.tw.o:

For the time being, Workspaces feature is not included in Tikiwiki code but remains only inside the AulaWiki Mod code.

(If you are a coder, and want to help migrating/integrating the workspaces to the main code, please, contact us ;-)

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