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Re: Re: Aulawiki-workspaces on tw 4.1

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> I would suggest that you commit your new aulawiki-4x to svn at sf.net tw mods, besides offering it from your own mod repository (thanks for that!).

Well. it just started working. I'd ask anyone to help me in tryimg it and finding anything that doesn't work. Modules.... Eg: I just found that it shouldn't handle imagegals, because these are not there anymore...

And this version cannot ever run under 3.x LTS, so should it become a new, parallel mod in svn? In this case I also have some questions as:
-should/could we remove the 'aulawiki/assignments' part and leave the bare workspaces? I never ever used nor tried aulawiki/assignments.

> Regarding the 4.x branch and the following (5.x, 6.x, etc.), I'm not sure yet about the destiny of such a mod as external package. 5.x will have feature freeze in less than 3 weeks, and I don't see any GUI for easily creating workspaces there,

I think that, once there's a transparent, seamless objectperms<->categperms transition, so that at any time each can immediately be translated into the other, this mod can be just an implementation of the base workspaces feature as it will be (and actually already is, I think) in core tikiwiki.

> My main doubts are for any converging path from workspaces data (from workspaces mod) to whatever data is used for workspaces in tiki core.
> Could it be, also, that thanks to the discussed work for adapting the workspaces desktop (from the aulawiki mod) into a wiki page with some predefined layout for that workspace type, that your work is used as the way to handle the workspaces layout in tiki core?

I am not too worried about the layout, with perspectives+modules it can be improved afterwards. What I mainly think about is the permission system, categ transitions, jailroot, category groups and these groups objects permissions and all the rest of the core that has to be put together still.
A first goal colud be to be able to apply a category transition, maybe even loaded from profiles, under a certain workspace, and be able to start working with it.

Anyway we'll see. Please anyone interested give it a try.
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