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Re: Aulawiki-workspaces on tw 4.1

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> I think I succeded in having basic aulawiki-workspaces on tikiwiki 4.1.
> Will need to test further.
> The adaptation mainly involved
> *classes that extended TikiDB now extend TikiDb_Bridge
> *classes extending tikilib now use:
> +$this->query instead of $this->db->query
> *method tikilib->convert_sortmode now is $tikilib->convertSortMode
> various other small fixes all related to the previous changes in class extends
> So far I tried creating wiki, blog, tracker, forum, filegal with success
> Workspaces Objectperms templates system also seems to work on created object.
> Also module workspaces_my works.
> Now I wonder if it is the case to go on this path, and where to. I think the logical course would be to transparently switch from/to category permissions for workspace resources, so as to meet the other development path somewhere.
> And then I might leave this to its destiny, and to anyone who dares continuing.
> The mod is available as aulawiki-4xfor test install on tw 4.1 by setting mods provider
> http://workspaces.altervista.org/mods/

Whohooo!, this looks impressive! Good job, pingus!
I would suggest that you commit your new aulawiki-4x to svn at sf.net tw mods, besides offering it from your own mod repository (thanks for that!).

Since Tiki 3.x is the LTS, and there is no perspectives nor any other adaptation for workspaces in the main code, I see the goal to keep worksapces working under a 3.x branch.

Regarding the 4.x branch and the following (5.x, 6.x, etc.), I'm not sure yet about the destiny of such a mod as external package. 5.x will have feature freeze in less than 3 weeks, and I don't see any GUI for easily creating workspaces there, so I guess that it won't happen for 5.x either (just a guess), but I might (I hope) occur for 6.x (October 2010), which is quite far away still. So for all this time, Aulawiki-4x (and any other adaptation for 5.x, if needed) would be very welcome for people using aulawiki for production to enable them (us, in fact :-) ) upgrade our sites to the latest stable branch (if not using LTS).

My main doubts are for any converging path from workspaces data (from workspaces mod) to whatever data is used for workspaces in tiki core.

Could it be, also, that thanks to the discussed work for adapting the workspaces desktop (from the aulawiki mod) into a wiki page with some predefined layout for that workspace type, that your work is used as the way to handle the workspaces layout in tiki core?

My 2 cents
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