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[edu.t.o] Development

aulawiki 1.7 on tiki 2.x

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Hi Pingus:

I've tested to day aulawiki mod (1.7.0), ionstalled from mods interface, and it worked fine on a tiki 2.4 from mods.tikiwiki.org :-)
Step by step :-)

BTW, I've committed a partial css file to make it display properly (the bundled workspaces.css theem has brokwn layout for me on tiki 2.x sites).
The text is here:
using a modified eatlon theme, adding the workspaces_only.css and eatlon.css (in this case) to the custom theme.

The first thing I miss here (everything works fine, other wise, so far), is the ability to add calendars to workspace types or workspaces. Are they gone?
Do they work for you?

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