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[edu.t.o] Development

About testing aulawiki-1.6.3x

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I think this phase has to be done really with care, there's no hurry to
commit to the cvs. For sure it cannot be labeled as 'stable', it's just
an timid step towards a new development.

I realize that testing workspaces as a general user ('teacher',
'student') is much more an articulate job than verifying that admin
functions do what they're supposed to do: create workspaces, resources,
assign perms.
It's easy to get into confusion also because you need to clear
chache/logout relogin often to acquire new settings ('current workspace'
wsType array stays in Session).

I am sure we need a common setup of roles, workspace types, resources.
The OFIMA01 example, with 'teacher', 'student', local folders and
portfolios can be a start, then we have to define RolePerms in a common
way, activate global features we want also in a common way.
We could also think of a different case study, or agree to extend the
'Course' example with new scenarios.
This is also useful in view of replicating the different setups via sql
for the Profile idea.

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I rise one question: why don't we work in the experimental branch for workspaces instead with the mods branch?
In this way all the work would follow the direction that brings workspaces into tiki 4.x. In mods there will be a stable version of aulawiki for tiki 2.2 and 3.0 as soon they update the repository.

New 1.6.3 stuff implies to modify more things (roles, ws types, ws res, ... ) and it's going to be better if at the same time we work in the new paradigm.

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> Opinions?

+1 :-)
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Hi everyone,
We have planned for this week to submit to the experimental branch all the aulawiki stuff related with workspaces tha we will need for the integration of them in Tiki.

Be alert! biggrin

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