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[edu.t.o] Development

Contribution types feature user administered

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Hi everyone!

Again here with my two cents.

First things first. Xavi, the Contribution feature is a really nice work. Thanks! I was thinking on this feature some time ago, and actually it was this feature which carried me to Tiki. Wow!

I throw some ideas/questions to continue with the development of this feature.
Could it be possible to let the users administer which the contributions types are?
Thinking on aulawiki/workspaces, the owner of the workspace would define the types.

More ideas?
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Thanks for your nice comments, rlopez, a pleasure. It was designed to be useful... (and there is some more work to be done, as you saw)

Yes, the chance that the creation of contribution types is controlled by a permission (assignable to any group) is a good one. Go ahead! :-)

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