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Here's a tentative list of features which some users and devs. would like to see in TikiWiki, when used in an educational institution:

Feature Description Useful for... Users interested Comments
Separate Group project option When enabled, pages created by groups are viewable only by group members. When disabled, group pages are viewable by members outside group. Enabling separate group work, especially when the teaching staff are concerned that the students might copy from one another. clappingtree, xavi This can be done right now (manually) with permisions at category level, or with workspaces within AulaWiki Mod (automatically). smile
Automatic Group Prefix option Pages created by groups are automatically prefixed with Group ID. Avoiding confusion. Students on similar processes may create similarly named pages and end up overwriting one another's effort unintentionally. clappingtree, xavi Working already with AulaWiki workspaces. smile
Graphic Annotation Users can annotate parts of a graphic the way one can do so with "Fotonotes" in ))MediaWiki Enabling discussion on the features, problems, improvement, etc. of certain graphical elements. clappingtree, ((xavi xavi: Looks nice. I have only used JGraphPad as graphical feature on tiki for production in the classrom, but still not very easily usable by students (according to their opinion). But photonoter looks nice and easy (I wish it was included also in action logs). clappingtree: Have added link to Fotonotes. Try it out. Have emailed Greg Elin. He's keen. Don't know about TikiWiki sys guys. We need a coder to integrate it into Tiki. CAn you help gathering some money to have it done? (drop me a message if so)
Concept Mapping Users can create concept maps, or mind maps, which are a bit differnet, though (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mind_mapping) Enable concept linking and graphical visualization of concepts, processes, etc., suitable for the teacher and for students doing them, also. See, Mindmap plugin (to use with Freemind free sfotware java proggram), or IHMC CMapTools http://cmap.ihmc.us (although is not fully free software) xavi, jreyes smile
Individual assessment Editors (and above) can view all contributions by individual users. For example, Wiki Assessment feature in Blackboard Building Block Assessing quantity and quality of work done by individual students. clappingtree, xavi It works already for production: doc.tw.o/Action+Log and Contribution wink.
Group assessment Editors (and above) can view all contributions by groups. Assessing the work done by groups. clappingtree, xavi It works already for production: doc.tw.o/Action+Log and Contribution wink
Plagiarism Check Editors (and above) click a button to check level of plagiarism in the content of each page. Reducing plagiarism. clappingtree, xavi xavi: I wonder how would this be achieved... clappingtree: Me too. lol I'm using Blackboard at work. There's a link to Turnitin which checks for plagiarism. But this would cost money.
Who wrote what The ability to see who wrote what section / line/ paragraph of a wiki page, in a similar way, at least, as Bonsai works for CVS Blame Assessing the contributions to a single wiki page or wiki structure (paper, etc.). xavi, clappingtree See an example
ePortfolio A kind of "folder/contanier" where the learning evidences of a student are gathered together by him/herself It allows other ways of promoting learning, and also of grading students progress. xavi, jreyes See links and more info at ePortfolio, AulaWiki and Dev. Forum thread. Also see: CarpeTiki project, and communication in a higher international education congress (pdf's in Spanish and Catalan a: http://gclub.ub.es/carpetiki/)
Types of Student Contributions A system to categorize the type of student contributions in forums, wiki edits, and blogs It help teachers to better evaluate the contributions from students xavi It works already for production: doc.tw.o/Action+Log and Contribution wink. Also see: AWikiForum project

  • Everybody interested wink is invited to contribute in this table, or through the comments of this page.


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Xavi outdated informtaion updated (there had been much work on that since last edition) 11
Xavi 10
Xavi added reference to type of student contributions, and links to homepages of both projects awikiforum and carpetiki 9
Xavi updated a bit (eportfolio, action logs link at doc.tw.o, ...) 8
clappingtree 7
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Xavi another entry 4
Xavi my two cents... :-) 3
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