Please, feel free to help improving smile. Code in updated to Tiki 2.0 (Jan 2009), AulaWiki updated to 1.6.2 (finally working again on Tiki 2.2) and style updated according to latest tikipedia theme style.

List of known issues in

Table of contents

Ongoing issues

1.1. Theme style

The current (as of Jan 13th, 2009) workspaces.css theme style (css and tpl) is not fully working nicely on a 2.x site. I tried making workspaces.css file import thenews.css, but the unfisnihed work is much more evident there. importing tikineat.css, everything seems to look like fine, as on Tiki 1.9.x. , or importing thenews.css in Tiki 2.x. Example of working scenarios:

1.2. Known bugs

Using AulaWiki 1.7.0 and Tiki 2.4:

1.3. Roles

There seems to a bug in roles in 1.6.2 version, which is fixed by pingus here if you change the files in here:
Fixed in 1.7.0?

1.4. Database Abstraction Layer

We need to provide an abstraction layer to the database because on next major release of TikiWiki (4.0), Workspaces will be included in it's core, and AulaWiki will not work with it's database tables (as a mod I say). So we need to make AulaWiki compatible with old versions and newer versions too.

1.5. Database Optimization

Until Tikiwiki 4.0 will be ready to production, we need to perform a "boost" in the database tables to become more scalable for hundred of groups.

1.6. More Usability and User friendly Interface

Until now, to make a workspace available you need to perform some tasks, and it can be a little confusing. So I think it's a good idea to make more "simple" the interface allowing people to create his workspaces more easily and quickly.

1.7. Clean code

We need to clean all code as much as possible and generate documentation (very basic, of course)

1.8. Check issue with categories

See the report by pingus about the issue related to categories. : "another patch on aulawiki.1.6.2 for tikiwiki.2.2"
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